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Your Personal Coach


“I don’t know where to start” and “I don’t know how to sell”. These are two expressions we hear from almost all of the professionals we have the pleasure to meet. These are valid concerns when considering a consulting business of your own.

Your Very Own Personal Coach

RAC's objective is to provide you with the individualized support that meets your needs, and the needs of every one of our unique consultants and/or coaches. As an Affiliate, you will have unlimited access to a personal coach, or as we like to call them, Support Analysts.

Our Support Analysts are dedicated to understanding your personal and professional goals, objectives, and will personally guide you through the support needed to make success happen. The Support Team has an average tenure of 15 years helping consultants build and grow successful practices.

Business Generation & Success

One of the biggest fears most people have in regards to starting their own consulting practices… how do I secure clients? As with anything in business, generating clients is a process. Our Affiliates often tell us how important the ongoing assistance in customizing a marketing and business generation plan is to them in regards to their overall success. When your Support Analyst is working with you, the customized marketing efforts will focus on several core areas in order to support you in generating clients:

  • Client Identification
  • Market Scope
  • Marketing Activities
  • Measurement
  • Execution

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