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Inspecting RAC


Typically professionals align with RAC for one of two reasons:

  • To create and build their own consulting and/or coaching practice
  • To expand their current client base and existing practice

Both are important business objectives, and partnering with the right company to accelerate those business goals is key.

To qualify to become an Affiliate, participation in the Mutual Evaluation is required as RAC is looking for skill and experience transferability, a values connection and the ability for you to see the RAC team in action so you can determine the level of support RAC is committed to should we align. Any initial investments are determined based on your qualifications and how RAC can best serve you. The decision to align is not made during the Mutual Evaluation process.

RAC’s two-day business inspection (mutual evaluation) focuses on:

  • Providing qualified candidates the first-hand opportunity to see the tools, resources, and support RAC provides our current network of consultants and coaches.
  • The consultants and coaches in our professional network often tell us how valuable visiting RAC was to their investigation and decision making process.

So, what do you learn/discover during the 2-day Mutual Evaluation?

  • About the business opportunity with RAC
  • A better understanding of people development
  • Tools and resources RAC provides to our affiliates
  • Proven marketing and client generation tools
  • Proven client delivery tools that are used in a variety of industries
  • How RAC provides support to its network of Consultants and Coaches
  • Defining a success path that leverages your background, experience, and abilities

Not only do you learn more about RAC, you learn about yourself as well.

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